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KTIW Tacoma Narrows Airport By Orbx Review | MSFS


  • KTIW Tacoma Narrows Airport By Orbx Review | MSFS

    Tacoma Narrows Airport is located in the heart of Pierce County Washington and is surrounded by miles of beautiful waterways and gorgeously green terrain. Head just north and you’ll find yourself in Seattle or Vancouver.

    Featured with KTIW, Is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge! The Tacoma Narrows Bridge coupled with the beautiful town of Tacoma, makes this a destination you’ll find yourself revisiting again and again.

    If you find yourself venturing around KTIW you’ll find many hand crafted buildings including the Pavco Oil & Fuel Station, The Narrows Aviation Hangars, The Hub where you can grab a bite to eat at Pie On The Fly, or visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection if you find yourself hauling in illegal contraband.

    If you are coming here to simply sight-see, be sure to grab a coffee and hangout at the outside dining area conveniently located next to the public observation tower.

    All of the buildings, runway textures, and the Tacoma bridge are handcrafted and feature full PBR textures making them quite the sight to see when coming in for landing after a long flight.

    Be sure to watch out for all the little details such as the dove carved into the side of this hangar, the TACOMA identifier on the main taxi-way, and so much more.

    Now Orbx has not paid us to create this review, but we absolutely love this airport and wanted the world to know about it. For $13 U.S. Dollars, you can’t go wrong.

    We might even just make KTIW the home base for Simulated Aviation and our Virtual Airline that is open and welcome to all aviators no matter your expertise. VATSIM or not, fly any aircraft from anywhere in the world.
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