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Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Review For Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Review For Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Today we’ll be taking a look at the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog by BlackBox Simulations

    Why should you consider adding the Bird Dog to your collection? Well simply put, it’s just a fun plane to adventure with. BlackBox Simulations has included 3 variants of the Cessna L-19. We have the general aviation variant, the bush variant and the most exciting one here the amphibious variant. Each version of the Bird Dog includes multiple liveries for you to take to the skies with.

    We have spent some time testing the L-19 Bird Dog and she flies very well. Almost too well. Within Flight Simulator the max speed indicated is 105kts. But I’m cruising at 120kts and passing the CubCrafter no problem with only 75% throttle. It’s definitely safe to say the Bird Dog might just be a bit overpowered from the advertised rating. Other than power, the Bird Dog reacts and handles well on the ground, the L-19 can take-off and land from short runways, and feels great in the air.

    Now right off the bat, you might notice that the external model for the Bird Dog is phenomenal. I love the rustic feel to the default livery. This livery really tells a story for the passion of simulated flight. Scratches along the paint and bits of rust scattered around to give it that… I’ve got stories to tell…type of feeling.

    With that being said however, the ****pit modelling needs a bit of work. Most switches do work inside the pit including your lights, fuel tank selector, magneto switch, alternator and battery switches, and you can even cage and uncage the gyro. As we’ve been moving around the pit, you’ll notice that the internal model just isn’t that detailed with rough edges around the dash, and rough edges really just about… Everywhere. And if you plan on creating a video from outside the pit it may be best to keep your distance as the pilots seem to be clipping through the seats.

    The next thing you might find yourself wondering about it he amphibious variant. Can it land in the water and does it fly differently than the standard L-19? Yes and yes.

    With the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, you’ll be able to safely touch down in any water you find yourself wanting to touchdown on. Although that touchdown is a bit… Not ideal. At the end of the day we made it down and we’re able to move around freely on the water.

    The bush and general aviation variants fly almost identical, but with the larger tires on the bush version of the Bird Dog, the turning radius on the ground is a bit smaller.

    And that’s about it for the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog by BlackBox Simulations. It’s an older aircraft and doesn’t come equipped with today’s modern electronics and navigation systems.

    Overall, do we enjoy flying the Bird Dog? Absolutely! But is it worth $30USD? Well considering Carenado provides aircraft that are much more detailed for that price. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

    The exterior model and the flight model itself are fantastic. If they can just update the pit to be a little more detailed, we think this could be a great buy.
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