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MSFS BushFlyingDelight's Adventures - Ver 3.0


  • MSFS BushFlyingDelight's Adventures - Ver 3.0

    Four new tasks have been released with Ver. 3.0.

    BushflyingDelight is offering you adventures that can be experienced within Microsoft® FlightSimulator®.

    It is a scenery package, yes, but the idea is more to offer you adventures that can be experienced within MSFS; SAR, difficult landings for STOL acrobats and some kind of detective story.
    It is fictional work. If you will like that kind of game experience I would be happy to continue to tell you the story of “Crazy Vince”. Everything happens in that beauty of bushflyers paradise: Kodiak Island in Alaska!

    To knows more about my Kodiak Adventures visit me at my YouTube channel: UCsr...wuvthoLVntAcuA

    Scenery file:
    BushflyingDelight is offering you adventures and trips that can be experienced within Microsoft® FlightSimulator®

    • Camel
      Camel commented
      Editing a comment
      If you guys haven't checked out BushFlyingDelight's Scenery and Bush Trips before, you won't want to miss this one!

      Thank you for your incredible work in putting together a true Bush Story for everyone! Thank you and welcome to the community my friend!

      Love love love your trips!
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