Is your progress saved if you land/exit the trip? Yes.

Can you land at an airport other than those included in the trip? Yes.

Do you have to follow the nav log perfectly? No. You can fly a direct route to your next destination.

Do you run out of fuel / how do you refuel? Yes you will run out of fuel. Currently you need to bind a hotkey to Repair + Refuel

Can you refly a leg without resetting progress? Yes.

Can you fly singular legs to get the Goldrush/Anemoi/Fire and Ice achievements without restarting? No. You have to do the entire trip without assists.
Tips and tricks:
  • Watch your fuel
  • Fly how you want
  • Use a sectional chart and/or Bing maps
  • Not all airports are on VFR sectionals
  • Enjoy it!

Breckenridge to Mariposa-Yosemite bush trip tips

Pay attention outside, there are some tricky airports to find

Leg 2 – Inyokern to Olancha Strip Airport

Leg 4 – Manzanar Airport to Madame Airport

Leg 7 – Hawthorne Industrial to Schurtz Airpor

Leg 11 – Spanish Springs to Palomino

Leg 13 – Herlong to Black Rock City

Leg 14 – Black Rock City to Lackerman Ranch

Leg 18 – Susanville Mun to Bodad Airstrip

Leg 25 – Lee Vining to Mariposa-Yosimite