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Hey Everyone! - Camels Introduction

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  • Hey Everyone! - Camels Introduction

    Hello everyone!

    Camel here, I just wanted to talk a moment to introduce myself!

    I have been a flight sim enthusiast since 2007 messing around with Flight Simulator 98 and 2000!

    I once saw the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds on TV and was absolutely blown away. My addiction started then. I did everything I could to try and find Thunderbird mods or simulators that allowed me to fly the beautiful red white and blue paint scheme on the F-16 fighting falcon. I discovered Jane's U.S.A.F. because there was a mod at the time that you could fly an aerobatics course in a Thunderbird while flying through rings.

    I then discovered the Virtual Thunderbirds that flew on Lockon: Modern Air Combat and was hooked. I immediately asked my parents for Lockon so I could chase the dream of becoming a virtual formation pilot. Back in the day the Virtual Thunderbirds had a phantom server that flew by itself! It even had comms so you could follow along with ease! I spent many hours trying to harness my formation skills on that phantom server and met some incredible people along the way. Once I though my skill level what somewhat on par for what I needed to join the Virtual Thunderbirds, I then discovered that there was an age limit of 21 years of age. Being 16 at the time, I had to find an alternative.

    This led me to the Virtual Blue Angels! In 2009 I applied for the V.B.A., went through 3-4 months of vigorous training in the probationary phase of the tryout, and then was accepted initially as a narrator! I was absolutely ecstatic. Only a few weeks went by before their left wingman at the time had to bail out for personal reasons. I was then asked to fly left wing where I flew on the Virtual Blue Angels from 2009-2012 as the let wing pilot. I had some incredible experiences with this team. We even all met up at the 2010 Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow in Pensacola!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	VBA_Pensacola.jpg Views:	0 Size:	138.0 KB ID:	877

    There I was on the right hand side with my blue show laces. Alas I was young and didn't know better! The gentleman on the left are former U.S.N. Blue Angel pilots coming to say hi!

    In 2012 real life got in the way as I started socializing more and I had bowed out of Virtual Aerobatics until 2019 where I made my return with the Virtual Aeroshell Aerobatic Team!

    From 2019-2020 I flew left wing and lead for this team in DCS World. What an incredible experience that was as we got to choose our own music and we even flew the first Twilight Show in DCS World! During this time I hosted Virtual Beach Blast with the help of some friends and the Virtual Airshows organization.

    Coming full circle, it's now the end of 2020, and I've reapplied for the Virtual Blue Angels! Again going through the probationary period improving my skills and proving my worth to the team. In January of 2021, I was accepted onto the Virtual Blue Angels again!

    Between 2020-2021 I had formed Simulated Aviation to be a community hub for all Virtual Aviators. A place where people can discover new activities and groups that exist, while educating themselves and educating the community on the basics of flight.

    All I can say is I'm glad to be here and thank you to everyone that has supported me and pushed me to be the best me that I can be.

    This is my story, what's yours?